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The name of the band, SaFaRi, comes from the 6 letters contained in the names of the members: Ramuntcho mAtta, Simon spAng-hanssen, FrédérIc dutertre, Music Hunters in the Land of Sound….
First collective improvisation of the trio was for the film “Walking L.A.“ by Alexandre Pasquino at Ramuntcho Matta’s place. The mood and
the playing is there, the atmosphere relaxed.
Recordings of various improvisations with Simon’s frequent visits to Paris as an alibi. Making music for the pleasure of drifting along the edges of styles and forms. All recordings are made from acoustic and electro-acoustic sources: guitar, bass, sax, flute, traditional instruments, voices, spoons, balloons….
Over several months the group has accumulated recordings and improvised material, all of which is carefully listened over, edited, selected, treated, mixed, arranged – to give birth to the 14 titles of this first album: Happy hands, recorded by Romain de Gueltz and mixed by Frédéric Dutertre.
In 2009, on Mr Matta’s initiative, Srédérique Fantune directs a first short animation movie based on a soundtrack of the album and including draws and paintings conceived by SaFaRi’s members. It is “Om Sweet Ôhm”. After that come “Scary Limousine” and “With Love From Paris”.
Adding recreational video archives, shot during draw sessions, “Happy hands” is twenty-seven minutes hybrid short movie.



Ramuntcho Matta
Works with sound, video and graphic arts.
Composer and author of more than twenty solo-albums, he has also collaborated on a great number of other releases in a far-reaching musical universe: jazz, rock, experimental, avant-garde and non-western influences.
During a journey rich in encounters Ramuntcho has worked with among others: Brion Gysin, Don Cherry, Chris Marker, Robert Wilson…
Throughout his creative activities he never stopped developing certain concepts close to his heart: doubt and coincidence, instinct and creation, trace and transmission.
Ramuntcho Matta’s website:

Simon Spang-Hanssen
First started out with John Tchicai and Strange Brothers, and later worked with a great number of musicians in France and Denmark : New Jungle Orch., Attila Engin & Okay Temiz, Jan Kaspersen, Andy Emler, Nguyên Lê, Bojan Z.,Richard Bona, Billy Hart, Edouard Ferlet, Linley Marthe…
Both as an improviser and a composer Simon works on bringing together his many musical influences in surprising, yet coherent ways.
Simon Spang-Hanssen’s website:

Frédéric Dutertre
After having studied at the Arts Decoratifs de Strassbourg and the Beaux Arts de Grenoble, he quickly turned towards all kinds of ways to experiment with music and sound : electro-acoustic, experimental, electronic,jazz,rock….Has participated in many musical projects with among others : Laurent de Wilde, Francois Merville, Sextet Pliage Tribu, Trio Elvire…
Frédéric Dutertre’s website:

Srédérique Fantune
Is a graphic designer/short movie maker. She conceive pictures and tales. She proposes through draws, videos and interactive modules a poetic and dream-like immersion. She works with and without machines, in collaboration or not.
Srédérique Fantune’s website:


Om Sweet Ôhm
4 min. 45 sec.
Lancer l'extrait 1
Intermède 2
2 min. 35 sec.
Lancer l'extrait 2
Scary Limousine
4 min. 24 sec.
Lancer l'extrait 3
With Love From Paris
6 min. 52 sec.
Lancer l'extrait 4



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Happy hands, Srédérique Fantune

Musician’s drawings and paintings are for sale,
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SaFaRi, 6 hands art works
SaFaRi, Simon-Spang-Hanssen
SaFaRi, Frédéric Dutertre
SaFaRi, Ramuntcho Matta

Two limited editions for sale.
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DVD in cardboard sleeve, 5,1 * 5,3 in
DVD in a hand painted card borad ring binder
5,9*7,5 in – 14 pages – english/french – original drawings


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